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Take a tour of Jack Daniel’s Distillery today and learn more about what’s in store for you

Visit the Jack Daniel’s Distillery in historic Lynchburg, approximately 30 minutes from Manchester. You can select from a variety of tours, and retirees and service members receive discounts. 

Visitors are welcome to tour the distillery and learn about the history of their whiskey. You are likely to learn a few good stories about Mr. Jack as well. 

Lynchburg is the county seat of Moore County, one of Tennessee’s smallest counties. Though it is home to a distillery, Moore County is dry. It has been dry since the Prohibition. Despite the Distillery being the main attraction, don’t forget to visit Lynchburg Hardware & General Store and Miss Mary Bobo’s Restaurant for lunch. Lynchburg can be explored at your own pace. A great deal can be seen. Below is an overview of the Jack Daniels Distillery


Would you like to accompany us on a tour of Mr. Jack’s distillery without sampling his smooth whiskey? Those of you who are teetotalers of any age will enjoy the Dry County tour. Despite the absence of whiskey, the museum is filled with tales of distilleries. Discover the process of making Tennessee whiskey and learn about its creator, Mr. Jack.


We assure you that you will not be taking off, but you will enjoy a special flight over Jack Daniel’s Hollow. At Mr. Jack’s distillery, you will have the opportunity to witness some of the old-time processes involved in making Tennessee whiskey. To conclude your tour, do not forget to visit Barrel House 1-14. At this event, you will have the opportunity to sample five of the most popular whiskeys and liqueurs.


It is single barrel whiskey from the highest barrel house that benefits the most from the Angel’s Share. A Jack Daniel Distillery tour combines stories with the opportunity to sample Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Collection as well as two limited edition whiskeys.


At the table, mix a taste with some flavourings. During the first course, storytellers will guide guests on a distillery tour featuring Angel’s Share Whiskeys produced by Mr. Jack’s. Second, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a traditional lunch at Miss Mary Bobo’s Boarding House Restaurant. for more details visit https://lxhotel.us/

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