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3 reasons why you cannot miss the May Prairie Natural Area when you are in Manchester, TN

Are you planning to visit Manchester, TN for a holiday? Are you looking for great places in and around to city to spend quality time with your family? If so, you cannot afford to miss being at the May Prairie Natural Area in Manchester, TN.

Located just a drive away from Lx Hotel in Manchester, TN, the May Prairie Natural Area is one of the lush green locations in the city.

Wondering why it should top your checklist of must-visit places in Manchester, TN?

We are here to reason out.

1. Connect with nature

It is a 492-acre natural area that is home to the open grassland community. May Prairie Natural Area is one of the state’s most floristically diverse areas in Manchester, TN. Over 25 of around 300 plant species that occur here are considered to be rare in the state. The best time to visit the May Prairie Natural Area is during the spring. During this season, the tourists can witness a colorful warm welcome by bright-colored flowers that appear in full bloom.

2. A pleasant walk

This location is considered to be one of the best-kept secrets of the city as only the locals knew and visited the place up until the 1950s. If you are a nature lover you will never want to leave the place. You can take a casual walk with your loved ones for many miles enjoying the beauty of nature all along. The wildflowers set up the mood for a perfect evening walk amidst the greenery.

3. Serene location
Located on 500 acres offAsbury Road in Manchester, TN, theMay Prairie Natural Area feels like a whole new world in itself. It is one of the most important ecological sites in the city and the state. The open grassland in the May Prairie Natural Area protrudes into the oak forest giving you the most serene experience.

The May Prairie Natural Area is open to tourists during daylight hours. The visitors must understand that there are no established trails at the May Prairie Natural Area. Your pets will love the place. But make sure to put them on a leash in order to abide by the area protocols.

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