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6 reasons why the Old Stone Fort State Archaeological Park should top your check-list

Visiting Manchester, Tennessee for the holidays? Here is a place you cannot afford to miss. If you are a nature lover, you would probably never want to leave the place. Pay a visit to the Old Stone Fort Park during your trip to the city.

We have a list of 6 reasons to make the O Old Stone Fort Park top your bucket list at Manchester, Tennessee.

  1. Scenic Beauty
    The Old Stone Fort Park was built somewhere between 1500 to 200 years ago. It was home to Native Americans for about 5 centuries. The Old Stone Fort Park provides a lush green environment for the visitors, giving them a taste of peace and serenity. The scenery here is dramatic. Do not miss watching the sunrise at the horizon if you are visiting Old Stone Fort Park during the summer solstice.
  2. Connect with nature

The Old Stone Fort Park provides you with an opportunity to dwell amidst the goodness of nature. The waterfalls amidst the park will give you an astounding experience that re-roots you back to the earth. The park provides you ample space to spend quality time with your loved ones amidst the beauty of nature. Explore the Old Stone Fort Park by means of group and individual activities that are both adventurous and fun.

  • Camping
    The Old Stone Fort Park hosts campgrounds that were upgraded and reopened during Fall 2020. There are around 50 campgrounds within the park. The tourists are provided with picnic tables, electrical hook-ups, and grills to make their camping experience special and worthy. The campsites are secured with wooded separations giving the visitors a remote feeling away from the city.
  • Hiking
    The Old Stone Fort Park
     has a hiking trail for all. Be it beginners or pros everybody gets to experience one of the best hikes of their lives at Old Stone Fort Park. It is home to several hiking trails of multiple difficulty levels making the hike exciting and rejuvenating for all.
  • Fishing
    Spend your time fishing the Largemouth Bass, Bream, and Catfish at the Bark Camp and the Barren Forts of the Duck River inside the Old Stone Fort Park. The banks of these rivers make a perfect fishing spot. You can also go fishing on a boat depending on your preferences.
  • Birding

Bird watching in Old Stone Fort Park is ultimate bliss. It is an incredible place for bird-loves. Witness the spring and fall migration of the canopy. You can also spot the Northern Parula and the Red-Eyed Vireo here during the summers.

These features make the Old Stone Fort Park a must-visit during your visit to Manchester, Tennessee.
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