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The AEDC Mountain Bike Trail: All you need to know

Manchester is located off Interstate 24 Exit 117, about 20 minutes from The Trail. Located just past the Gossick Leadership Center and Arnold Air Force Base Family Camp is the trail entrance on the right. There are only a few short climbs on this mountain bike trail through open forest. The trail is 13.5 miles long and includes singletrack and fire roads. Several connectors and exit points are available at each numbered route point (1-25). The trail is closed during certain parts of the year for hunting deer and turkey.

Everything you should know about the AEDC Mountain Bike Trail

An abandoned gunnery range is where AEDC trails are located. If you come across ordnance, the Air Force warns against touching it. There are a few power lines and some fire road double tracks in the area, mostly forested. Singletrack trails are the majority of the trails, but occasionally they wander onto double tracks.

Almost no steep climbs are encountered. To compensate for the lack of topographical relief, the trail builders took advantage of the forest as they set up sections that create a relentless slalom between and around the trees, with a great number of tight turns that threaten to toss you into an oak or pine. One of the favorite things about the park is the long stretches of pine needle carpeted trails dotted through the woods.

A stand of pines with open understory and muffled sounds added to the charm of the evening. As the trail system is located on the grounds of an air force base, it is almost certain that these pines are artificially planted. Located near Dalton, Georgia, the Saul Raisin Woods trail system comprises remediated landfills. Natural forests and topography always stand out in contrast to remediation.

The trail segments 15 to 16 include a slalom between some pine trees and then ride along Woods Reservoir, with the Cumberland Plateau escarpment behind you. There were some wonderful views of the lake from the afternoon sun, and along the lake’s shore, there are beautiful gravel beaches.

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