Safety Tips

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In Case Of Fire

Stay calm.

Pull the nearest firm alarm.

If possible, close doors around the fire area.

Phone the operator.

Exit from the building (if at all possible).

Take your room key with you.

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Security Procedures

Double Locks and Latches For additional security, utilize the deadbolt lock provided on your door upon entering. This will prevent the door from being opened by a regular room key. As an additional precaution, please secure the safety latch.

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Upon arrival

Please refer to the back of your guest room door to located fire exits and staircases. Please find alarm pull stations and fire extinguishers on your floor. Please find the”OFF” switch on your air conditioner. In case of fire, turning the air conditioner off will prevent smoke from being drawn into your room.

Lost And Found - Dial ”0”

Dial “0”If unavailable, call the Fire Department”911”

Shout off the air conditioner.

Wedge a wet cloth under the door and around the doors and vents.

Remove drapes from windows.

Check to see if there is smoke outside the window; if there is no smoke outside and window may be opened, hang a sheet or light colored material outside. This will signal your location, letting firefighters know that the room is still occupied. Keep part of the sheet inside the window, wet with water.

Fill the bathtub or sink with cold water for firefighting. Use ice bucket or other container to keep water available to quickly moisten the wet clothes that are keeping the smoke out.

Do not break the window, co not jump.

Stay low and continue firefighting until help arrives.

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If your room is filled with smoke, fold a wet towel into a triangle and tie it over your nose and mouth. Get on your hands and knees(or stomach) and crawl to the door. Feel the knob; if hot, do not open. If cool, open slowly. Take your room key. If the hallway is filled with smoke, stay next to the wall and count the doors as you crawl to the exit staircase. Walk down the exit staircase. If the staircase begins to fill with smoke, return to your room.

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Travel Tips

Ziplock bags are useful for packing in your luggage. They will contain liquids, provide storage for damp or wet bathing suits, and the air pockets keep clothes from shifting or wrinkling. Use large clothing bags from the dry cleaners to separate items of clothing.

Corporate hotel booking Manchester, TN

Do not admit persons to your room without first making identification. If there is any doubt about the person’s identity, please contact the front desk Keys

Please safeguard your key. Be sure to leave it with the front desk upon your departure. Do not leave your key in your room or in the door. Do not give your key to others.


Hotel follows brand and state mandated rules regarding Covid 19 at the time of the stay such as: masks must be worn in the lobby and all public areas of the hotel. Guests must observe Social distancing in the breakfast area as well . If Covid 19 state and brand regulations are in place, guests are to practice social distancing as well as wear face masks in the public areas. The hotel is released of any responsibility of illness incurred by a guest as a guest at or hotel.

When space is a premium, pack a sweatsuit or jogging suit instead of bathrobe. You will get double-duty from one..Comfortable lounging in the room, and the ability to step into the hall for ice, etc.

Closing the bathroom door of your hotel room will help keep the morning’s noise to a minimum, as most of the sounds carry through the air/ plumbing systems.

If you feel you might have someone following you, step up to the nearest door- knock and announce that you have forgotten your key. If someone answers the door, explain what you have done. If no one answers, it will still serve the purpose of confusing and alarming the possible follower.

In Case Of Tornados or Severe Weather

If the need arises and the city’s Civil Defense Sirens are activated, we will in turn activate the Hotel’s Fire Alarm System to warn you that immediate evacuation to the lower level will be mandatory. Employees will be stationed throughout the Hotel for your assistance. The Hotel will do its best to notify you when the sirens are sounded, either by phone or door to door.

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